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Fans of vaping are always in search of the best vaping devices, and we are bringing you one of the best squonk mods in the UK. Dovpo is a brand which has made some of the best vaping devices, and it has been fan favourites for years. The Dovpo Topside Lite Mod is a newer release in Topside series which is designed in collaboration with The Vapor Chronicles. Let’s find out more about this in the article below.

Dovpo Topside Lite Mod

Dovpo Topside Lite Mod Review


It is a squonk mod which can also be used as a standard single battery mod even in non-squonk mode. It has almost the same aesthetics as the Dovpo Topside other products which have made it simple to squonk by using a top-fill method for the squonk bottle. It is powered by a single 20700 or 21700 battery and gives a maximum output of 90W. It also has a 0.96” OLED screen, and it also includes the fire button and the control buttons. You are free to choose from many output modes like temperature control (Ni, Ti, and SS), Bypass, Variable Wattage and TCR user modes. It is available in gorgeous colours of silver, black and red.

Dovpo Topside Lite Mod


The best squonk mod, the Dovpo Topside Lite Squonk Mod is relatively lightweight as compared to its previous version of Topside 90W Box Mod. It has a hybrid zinc-alloy and PTGC plastic chassis construction. Its section on the back was designed again in an impact-resistant PTCG plastic, and it has also made it more lightweight than before. Much of the heavy metal has been removed, but the solid and durable frame of Topside Lite Mod has been maintained. The inside chipset is protected with a durable zinc alloy in the front. The sleek exterior also gives you a comfortable hand feels for an amazing vape experience. It has combined a two-tone zinc alloy along with the polycarbonate detachable battery/squonk attachment door to give it a gorgeous look that is not only sleek but also substantial. The design on the side of the mod resembles the other product of Dovpo topside series. It has a magnetic attachment which is seamless, and the non-squonk battery cover is safe and amazingly built.

Pros and Cons

The Dovpo Topside Lite Squonk Box Mod has upgraded amazingly, keeping all the best features of the previous products of Dovpo series and removing all the unnecessary features which were weighing it down.


i. It is compatible with 20700 and 21700 battery and able to fire up to 90W.

ii. It is lightweight and compact, so you can carry it anywhere you go and amazing for the on-the-go usage.

iii. The OLED screen makes it easier to read because it is bright and clear.

iv. It is easy to operate so you can switch between a squonk mod and regular mod.


i. It has a single battery design which does not support vaping for a long time.

ii. It is not that strong due to the supple texture used.

iii. The sprayed pigment is not long-lasting.


  1. Are squonk mods good?

I think so, when it comes to vape mods, a great device is more than just good looks. The sqounk mods can hole a big capacity of e-juice with a easy to fill system, really convenient for me.

  1. Can I use a regular tank on a squonk mod?

To squonk you have to use an RDA. There are no tanks that can be used with a bottom feeding mod, so unless you drip, squonking isn’t for you.

  1. Where is the best online store to buy squonk mods in the UK?

NewVaping is the leading vape store in the UK. They offer free shipping on any orders over 45 pounds, and process most orders on the next working day of you placing them.